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Eva Rotschild, Michael Dempsey & Dillon Brian - The Library Project
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    Eva Rotschild, Michael Dempsey & Dillon Brian

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    Eva Rothschild’s large-scale sculptural compositions explore relationships between surface and structure whilst testing the boundaries between the abstract and figurative.

    Accompanying a solo exhibition at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin (23 May–21 September 2014), this volume features a number of recent sculptures by the Irish-born artist alongside a series of photographic portraits of gallery visitors holding snakes.

    Using diverse materials, such as wood, steel and fibreglass, Rothschild investigates sculptural form by testing the limits of those materials. With references to Minimalism and Constructivism, Rothschild’s work aims to invert Modernism’s forms and question its utopian ideas.

    Alongside full-colour illustrations, this volume includes texts by Brian Dillon and Michael Dempsey which closely examine Rothschild’s installation at the gallery and her ties to broader art history.

    Published by Ridinghouse
    96 pages
    320 x 240 mm
    ISBN 9781905464913