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Don't Love Me, I'm Your Toy, Aurore Dal Mas
Don't Love Me, I'm Your Toy, Aurore Dal Mas
Don't Love Me, I'm Your Toy, Aurore Dal Mas
Don't Love Me, I'm Your Toy, Aurore Dal Mas
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    Don't Love Me, I'm Your Toy, Aurore Dal Mas


    The photographs were taken during Skype video chats that lasted between fifteen to forty-five minutes. During these sessions, each male who participated would undress, they were required to be bare-chested at the very least. Under one condition: anonymity. No physical criteria, nothing pre-defined. Dal Mas could view them but they could not view her as she photographed them in their bedrooms by way of her computer screen using a digital camera. These were men she had never met before, directed from a distance. They did not know the exact moment the photograph would be taken, at her discretion Dal Mas would signify a conclusion to the Skype call, brief goodbyes would be exchanged and then the call would end. Leaving behind a fleeting intimacy.

    This body of work is about dehumanisation, vulnerability and distant relationships; the difficulty in connecting and engaging intimately with another as well as the eagerness to please. The disconnection provided by the camera, the different rooms, the screen becoming an observation box for these casual men. It questions and explores their desire to be looked at, by scrutinising their physicality through a digital presence that being impressive, elusive, desirable or consisting of mixed emotions. The work suggests fatigue, of having to exist in the others eyes as an obkect of desire. Thereby, this series also queries the viewer-voyeur role of an audience. While the low-fi aesthetics of the work refers to functional images one could find and utilise by using social media, or other meeting apps, eager to connect us with one another.

    Published by Dirty Illness
    68 pages
    220 × 285 mm
    ISBN 9781916276505