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Disegno Issue 27
Disegno Issue 27
Disegno Issue 27
Disegno Issue 27
Disegno Issue 27

    Disegno Issue 27


    Disegno is the quarterly journal of design. Issue #27 looks a little different from previous editions. The editors opted for a slightly different format: Disegno #27 features a number of essays exploring the wider implications of the pandemic, as well as the renewed urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement, for the fields of design, architecture, fashion, and technology. The writers tackle topics ranging from the contested status of public monuments to the sound design of pandemic-era football’s artificial crowds; from the impact of inequitable e-scooter rollouts to the future of the design trade fair.

    Vitally, Disegno #27 also comprises a large section dedicated to multi-voice conversations, interviews, and roundtables. These address issues that require a multitude of perspectives, and which have no easy or straightforward answers. Here, Where are the Black Designers? leads a conversation on Blackness in design; wayfinding designers discuss how best to help people navigate Covid-era transport networks; curators and practitioners ask how we can design with empathy as a guiding principle; and a fashion designer explains how she sidestepped existing distribution networks to create an emergency production line of PPE for hospital and care home staff.

    In this issue: A roundtable about race and the design industry with Where Are the Black Designers?; calorie counting and information design; introducing social activism to fashion with Bethany Williams; empathy as a curatorial approach; Section 230 and censorship on social media; Sky and EA's digital crowd design for the Premier League; wayfinding strategies for transport hubs in the time of Covid-19; woke-washing and the fallacy of branded activism; Kajsa Willner and Seetal Solanki's new translation of plastics; a beheaded Columbus and the problem of monuments; LGBTQ+ rights and poster design in the Polish presidential elections; equity and e-scooters in Los Angeles; upcycling fashion waste with Reet Aus and Alexander Taylor; the physically distanced future of design fairs and biennales; and reflections on globalisation from Theodore Zeldin and Charlie Koolhaas.

    136 pages
    215 x 280 mm.
    ISBN 977204877703927

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