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David Bowe, Two down, two up
David Bowe, Two down, two up
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    David Bowe, Two down, two up


    Two down, two up and up and up...
    55 x 75 cm Framed | 50 x 70 cm Unframed
    Edition of 3
    €160 Framed | €100 Unframed

    About the Artist

    Bowe loves the bizarre nature of nostalgia and how much of a grip it can have on a person. As a recently returned emigrant, Bowe found he had a homesickness for both an Ireland from before he left and a Toronto he left behind. Experience, however, is corrupted by memory and memory corroded by time. He is aware that neither of these places he ‘remembers’ ever really existed. ​

    His half-tone prints, and repurposed screen meshes recall a nostalgia of his own past as a commercial printer. Via familiar buildings, the key figures of a place, he attempts to establish a link between his fabricated view and of that imagined by the viewer. They are stacked and condensed in an overbearing and unrealistic, yet familiar, landscape. This is the reality of many emigrants – Memory of a new home blocked by the traditional idea of home and the traditional home that no longer exists.

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