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Courier Magazine, Issue 46
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    Courier Magazine, Issue 46


    Courier's April/May 2022 edition is their annual food and drink issue, shining a bright light on the new wave of tastemakers, brands and big trends packing a punch.

    This issue's cover star is Yola Jimenez of YOLA Mezcal, who's using a family recipe to create a global drinks brand. Then, what soft drinks are about to go pop? From functionality and fermentation to unusual flavours, Courier's experts predict the biggest beverage trends to look out for. They also look at the new recipe-publishing platforms with their sights set on democratising the industry. And read about the farmers who, rather than depending on businesses up the supply chain, are going directly to the public. In Workshop, learn how to start a food waste business, explore a chewing gum brand that built its own factory, meet the founder of a vegan vending machine, understand the growing power of product sampling, and check out a Berlin-based communal kitchen.

    In this issue:

    • Making money from recipes

    • How the farming industry is growing

    • What's next for soft drinks

    • Brands built on food waste

    • Inside a chewing gum factory

    • Plant-based vending machines

    • Taking out the mezcal middlemen

    • Making natural wine in rural Japan

    ...and more.

    Published by Courier 
    178 pages
    195 x 260 mm
    ISBN 977239693303346