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Courier Magazine, Issue 29 - The Library Project

    Courier Magazine, Issue 29

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    In this June/July issue, Courier profile the incredibly innovative entrepreneurs finding fresh pockets of opportunity in unconventional ways – from the London-based friends who created Trippin – a travel platform inspired by music and fashion, to the one-woman-media-company behind the YouTube channel-turned-brand Chicken Shop Date, this issue is filled with stories of energy, youth and passion. 

    Also in this issue: 
    – A 22-page, step-by-step guide to mastering marketing
    – Trailblazing investor Arlan Hamilton on hype and haters
    – Streetwear legend Bobby Hundreds on building a brand that lasts
    – Courier columnists on peak work, free work, ageism and mediocrity
    – The broken fitness industry and how to fix it
    – A rural retreat in France and a buzzy boutique hotel in Austin
    – Alex Holder on the future of transparent pay
    – At home with David Zilber, Noma’s fermentation wizard
    – How to make money from TikTok and Twitch
    – Cracking open the curious virtual influencer economy
    – Inside London’s next-generation music factory
    – Chef Elizabeth Haigh shares her food passions and inspirations
    – The brick-and-mortar strategy of fashion designer Louise Markey

    Published by Courier 
    146 pages
    195 x 240 mm