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Channel Issue 5

    Channel Issue 5


    Channel is an environmentalist magazine publishing poetry and prose that fosters connection with the natural world. Conceived on 15 March, the day of 2019's first global climate strike, the project aims to harness the current momentum of the climate movement and support writers to play a role in building new narratives around engagement with nature. 


    Lynn Cecil | Night Swimming
    James Hudson | Jack Goes to Hunt a Werewolf
    Aodán McCardle | I Go Down to the Sea


    Fergus Hogan | Snowbird
    Jacquelyn Scott | Personal Accounts from the 2016 Gatlinburg Fires
    Dasom Yang | Jangmi


    Aiyejinna Abraham O. | Pando, A Forest with One Tree & I Am Here, Sister, I Am Here
    Pragya Bhagat | portrait of s at arambol & flower girl
    Claire Booker | An Osprey Fledges & Dinosaur Boy
    Elizabeth J. Coleman | Nightly Migration
    Satya Dash | The Tower of Faint Music
    Michael Dechane | Interrogating a Nectarine
    Heather Dobbins | I Held Us On for 36 Hours After the Levee Broke to Hell
    Olga Dugan | Mother to Child: A Prayer
    Margaryta Golovchenko | Flowery Aquarium
    Sinéad Griffin | Cliff Walk
    Ilya Gutner | Soviet-American Blues under the elevated highway in New Pudong & Leaving the Last Pudong
    Marcia Hindson | After Neverland & Feral Thoughts
    Sandra Kacher | Trust
    Rhona McAdam | Penumbra
    Beth McDonough | Unfathomed
    Marjorie Schratz McNamara | The Day Out
    Ben Murray | coffee talk in the anthropocene
    Jackson Jesse Nash | Mudlarking at the River Thames
    Cliona O’Connell | Nothing To See & Landscape
    Lani O’Hanlon | Careful
    Marion Oxley | The Point
    Cheryl Pearson | Wild Swim, Summer & How to become an ocean & Listening to the wind sing in the icicles on the Monsal Trail
    Jane Robinson | Ballad of Bikini Atoll
    Joel Scarfe | A False Reading
    Ojo Taiye | Elegy for My Mother’s Cows & Goats
    Jeffrey Thomson | MUSA Underwater Sculpture Garden
    Milla van der Have | ox and mandarin || understory
    Adam van Graan | Ratcatcherfields & Duckwatching
    Jade Wallace | Biologically Dead
    Shaoni C. White | You Have a River
    Beth Oast Williams | Gravity Gone, And I Should Have Sounded An Alarm
    Erin Wilson | Vowels in Treetops
    Carolyne Wright | Watched by Whales & The Gondola: New Orleans World’s Fair

    Published by Channel 
    147 pages
    150 x 210 mm
    ISBN 9781916224544