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Channel Issue 4

    Channel Issue 4


    Channel is an environmentalist magazine publishing poetry and prose that fosters connection with the natural world. Conceived on 15 March, the day of 2019's first global climate strike, the project aims to harness the current momentum of the climate movement and support writers to play a role in building new narratives around engagement with nature.

    Issue 4 features writing drawn from over 1700 submissions. Fiction and poetry in translation also appear in Channel for the first time in this issue, with the work of translators Yoni Hammer-Kossoy, Dimitra Nikolaidou and Victor Pseftakis offering a powerful reminder of the ways we can engage with and honour each other even in isolation.


    Andrew Boden | Along the Malecón
    Alicia Hilton | Death Taught Me to Live
    Douglas W. Milliken | Growth Unencumbered
    Antony Paschos, translated by Dimitra Nikolaidou and Victor Pseftakis | Pinebark
    Michael Phoenix | Cherries


    Michael Backus | Distant Smoke
    Dian Parker | Inside the Earth
    Marisca Pichette | Lineage of Fire


    Dargie Anderson | Tonight, On the Way Home, the Steam from the Coal Plant
    Larry Blazek | Zombie Dogs
    Jane Boxall | Kayak Haiku
    Bethany F. Brengan | Love Is Simply Attention Paid Out Over Time
    Rachel Cleverly | Love Bugs
    Douglas Cole | No SOS On
    Seth Crook | Swim Now, She Says & Our Neighbour Meets An Otter Pup
    John Paul Davies | The Oak Tree
    Kristian Doyle | An Only Before-and-After
    Ifoghale Eguwe | Moon
    Stacey Forbes | Stonefish Lullaby
    Emily Franklin | On the other side of the busy road & After Seeing a Photograph of Flamingos
    Ruth Goring | Raging & This place
    Heather Hamilton | Standing at Shore, Waiting –
    Arielle Hebert | Ugliest Orchid in the World & Backyard Universe
    Matt Howard | Purple
    Tricia Knoll | To Grieve in Shifting Sun
    Janet Landman | Deep Structure
    DS Maolalai | Thin body, clumsy wing
    Sarah McCartt-Jackson | Clay Lick
    Maeve McKenna | Secret Season
    Jess Mc Kinney | Wych Elm & Baby’s Breath
    Thomas Mixon | Versus
    David Ishaya Osu | Daily
    Rory O’Sullivan | The Baptism of John Moriarty & July in Garryduff Woods
    James Owens | Page From an Immigrant Diary & The Ogre
    Caleb Parkin | Witches’ Knickers & Unknown Distance, Moderate Difficulty
    Tania Runyan | The Reasons I Became a Western Chorus Frog
    Annette Skade | The Seaward Side
    Anna Teresa Slater | the amateur’s guide to managing things
    Melissa Perri Smith | Winter Rains
    Sam Smith | Perilous
    Cherry Smyth | In the Cave
    Dana Sonnenschein | Wolf Sketchbook
    Jaime Speed | Why I propagate plants
    Maya Weinberg, translated by Yoni Hammer-Kossoy | Outside the City
    Ivis Whitright | temperate
    Megan Wildhood | Pile Up
    Kristin Camitta Zimet | The Record

    Published by Channel 
    147 pages
    150 x 210 mm
    ISBN 9781916224537