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Carousel Mountain, Mary A. Fitzgerald

    Carousel Mountain, Mary A. Fitzgerald


    Carousel Mountain
    Carborundum and Drypoint
    41 x 41 cm on 53 x 53 cm paper

    Fitzgerald’s iconography originates in the everyday, an eclectic gathering of images, daily observations and random things seen, tangled with memory and recall. These ‘new realities’ with their combination of personal narrative, of momentary and fleeting images, are brought together, transformed and communicated through the process of printmaking. The work plays with our perceptions of literal and emotional space, revealing the extent to which we can never be certain of what we know, see or feel. Each print is made by working across a series of multiple plates, marks are made intuitively as a structure or a cohesion emerges. In the proofing process a series of decisions become important, colour is built up and layered, the sequence of plates printed is changed, each decision imposes nuance until the final print is resolved. The process of revealing and concealing the narrative, of scraping back creates a history and archaeology within each piece. Each work enjoys both a tangible and a subliminal existence. The spaces and silences created in-between remain for the observer to explore.



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