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    Bláthanna: Irish Spaces in Flower


    Bláthanna, the Irish for 'flowers', is such a simple word. This book, however, is a testament to the magic that can be conveyed when artistic vision meets a deep knowledge of flora, and an inherent understanding of space. Bláthanna is a stunning curation of floral short stories in exceptional spaces, the length and breadth of Ireland. Drawing from Irish countryside textures and seasonal blooms, elegant rooms and magnificent exteriors, this anthology shows how creativity with flowers can be inspired and reimagined.

    This work reveals the essence of floral traditions, legends, and histories to showcase the beauty that can be created all around us. The team behind renowned Dublin florists Appassionata Flowers have gifted us with a floral lens through which to view this amazing landscape we call home. A Combination of wonderful and consistently surprising artistry, breath-taking photography, and poetic, thoughtful writing makes Bláthanna a joyous celebration of floristry, and of Ireland itself.

    From the creative team behind Appassionata: Ruth Monahan, Ultan Devaney, Kasia Skopínska, a stunning curation of floral short stories in exceptional Irish spaces.

    Photography by Yvette Monahan and Sean Breithaupt.

    Published by Carrowmore
    219 pages
    250 x 305 mm
    ISBN 9781999323400