Naomi Ishiguro | The Estate Agent
Alice Ash | The Little Dog
Lauren Shannon-Jones | Finer Things
Jamie Stedmond | Imbolc
Louise Hegarty | stillbirth
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Marie Gethins | Gauge
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Ed O’Loughlin | Stars of Bethlehem
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James Conor Patterson | Now & Ever Shall Be
Jessica Traynor | The Stranger Test

Bernie Crawford | Canto
Kristian Doyle | Lately She’s Needed
Milena Williamson | Some Natural Notes About Her Body
Kevin Graham | Larkin in Dublin
Alice Wickenden | Mary
Susanna Galbraith | beginning in a garden (grandchildren) | beginning in a garden (raspberries)
David Toms | Calendar
Ting Lin | Ai-Mei
Tim MacGabhann | Aubade
Devon Miller-Duggan | 3 Tales Without Witches | The Wait
Liz Houchin | the measure of a woman
Rosanna Hildyard | What we carry down
Emily Cooper | Wood
Jess McKinney | Slouching | Orlando
Zach Hively | Apocrypha: This Is the Spot You Poured Me Tea
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