John Patrick McHugh | Howya, Horse
Mary Fancher | Kaleidoscope
Méabh de Brún | Saint Sisters and the Sea
Niamh Mulvey | My First Marina
Katie McDermott | Symptoms
Nathan O’Donnell | Bad Dog
CM Lindley | Out of Towners
Hilary White | Holes / How close 
Emma Flynn | Paul 

Francesca McDonnell Capossela | There Are No Objects, Only Artists | On the Occasions When You Have Just Left
Ulrika Nielsen (translated by D.E. Hurford) | En återkommande fantasi (A Recurring Fantasy)
Kathryn Hummel | 37 Excuses For Why I Failed @ Bumble
Dean Browne | Listening to Joni Mitchell’s Blue While Cooking Peposo
Sneha Subramanian Kanta | A ghost is an entrance in the body | A man follows his country
Aoife Lyall | Haunted
Cliona O’Connell | North Circular Road
Jaydn DeWald | Grid (8)
Mark Ward | Threads
Rosamund Taylor | The Only Nouns | Driftwood
kerry rawlinson | Our Bodies Break Into Fire Ants
Zoe Mitchell | All True
Karen Rigby | Watching Morse on Endeavour
Daniel Rattelle | Triptych
Lydia Unsworth | Whalefall | Terminarch
Wes Lee | We Watch True Crime
Breda Spaight | Old Buck
Christine Hamm | Self-Portrait with Tiny Death
Jonathan C. Creasy | Border Guard
Jess McKinney | Rabbit Rabbit
Demi Anter | Not sure if there’s a ghost
Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe | The Unquiet Amygdala | Siri in Saṃsāra
Jamie Stedmond | Transit
KG Newman | The Vibrations of Wind and Wings
Kelly Konya | Nosebleed

Emily S. Cooper | Georgian House
Ellen Brickley | Violets
Jayne A. Quan | Better, Sweeter
Gabriella Attems | My Face at Forty
E.R. Murray | Paper Truths

Mary O’Donoghue | The News From Australia
Sarah Watling | The Exiles
Lynsey May | Speak Now
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