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    A Line Which Forms a Volume 2

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    The second edition of A Line Which Forms a Volume is a critical reader of graphic design-led research that has been edited, written, designed and published by participants of the MA Graphic Media Design (MAGMD) course at London College of Communication (LCC).

    Working with the concept of “networks in action,” this publication connects students with established practices. Built along an axis of research, inquiry, and practice, all continuously and simultaneously feeding into each other, the lines of design inquiry published in this issue connect to form a multidirectional network. 

    A Line Which Forms a Volume takes its name from a subheading in the 1996 essay “The Book as Object,” by Michel Butor. In this text, Butor writes that threads of thought and speech must be set into lines, lines divided into columns, and columns stacked along a third axis of depth to form a volume.

    The notion of “volume” as a publication, as well as the space that something occupies and as a quality of something audible, lends itself to the endeavor of A Line Which Forms a Volume – to make graphic design research public.

    Published by MA Graphic Design Media, London College of Communication
    168 pages
    ISSN 25159801