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A Guide to Infrastructure and Corruption, Alejandro Cartagena - The Library Project

    A Guide to Infrastructure and Corruption, Alejandro Cartagena

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    A Guide to Infrastructure and Corruption is a long-term project that Cartagena started in 2009 when the opportunity to become a conscious citizen arose. A new overpass was to be built a block away from his house in Monterrey, Mexico, changing the transit and flow for everyone who lived in the the immediate area. Having lived downtown since 2007, he suddenly felt that the locals were being affected by these new infrastructure complexes so that they could supply a quick way for people to get out of the city and into the newly built suburbs that Cartagena was photographing at the time.

    These interconnections all over the city, and its personal effect on his daily life, took the photographer on a 6 year search to document the sites and how they affect businesses and the people who live around them. This rabbit-hole took him to town meetings, urban planning conferences’ giving the chance to associate with people fighting for their right to the city and public space. The result is a guide that shows how the city is ever changing and how those changes come not from those affected, but from those who benefit from the contracts and investments that flow into the construction and development of such structures.

    Signed and Numbered
    Published by The Velvet Cell
    Limited edition of 500
    192 pages
    140 x 210 mm
    Hardcover, Tape Bound
    ISBN 9781908889539