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Spread 004: New World
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    Spread 004: New World


    You open your eyes, and a New World lies before you. Where do you begin? New worlds of possibility and the worlds we see today give this issue of Spread its far reaching narrative. 

    In this issue… textile art and visual work prompts our imaginations to go beyond their horizons into new territories, as well as poetry that expresses longing for a new society, and a questioning of the world we inhabit today. Feature articles include a cyber-fiction story that you control, and explorations of BDSM in virtual sex gaming, gender dynamics in music, and exciting artists to keep an eye on.

    Spread was launched in December 2019 at the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland Art Exhibition as a publication for music, sex and DIY culture in Ireland. The publication and its editors aim to provide a welcoming space for contributors and readers to have critical, subversive and collaborative conversations around these topics.

    Published by Lazer Guided Reporter
    60 pages
    210 x 145 mm