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Bird, Billy Kenrick (Artist Book Edition)
Bird, Billy Kenrick (Artist Book Edition)
Bird, Billy Kenrick (Artist Book Edition)
Bird, Billy Kenrick (Artist Book Edition)

    Bird, Billy Kenrick (Artist Book Edition)


    A series of stills salvaged from expired Super 8 footage & reconfigured, in rough chronology, in photo-book form. The progression features the figure of a bird immersed in the static & noise accrued by various stages of processing. The work plays on the tension between the photographic 'still' & cinematic movement. Material degradation serves to further diminish photographic fidelity. The result is a series of triptychs suspended between re-animation & stasis / appearance & disappearance.

    The project features a sequence of images extracted from a roll of expired (40 year old) Kodachrome Super 8 film. The film was hand-developed, projected & rephotographed.

    The frames are reconfigured in rough chronology as triptychs; intimating both photographic stillness & cinematic movement. The sequence traces the movement of a bird in flight, gradually approaching the edge of the frame, before finally disappearing.

    Stains & scratches accrued during the development process, as well as markings generated by repeated handling & projection, become integrated into the final image. The blown out, inverted flare of the projector creates an additional layer of static; material degradation results in a series of images bordering on dissolution.

    Artist Book Edition includes a tipped-in 4x6 signed baryta fine art print.

    Self Published
    Edition of 9
    Softcover, stab-binding with black waxed thread and text inset
    18 pages
    210 x 270 mm