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The Modernist, Issue 37
The Modernist, Issue 37
The Modernist, Issue 37
The Modernist, Issue 37
The Modernist, Issue 37
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    The Modernist, Issue 37


    The Modernist is dedicated to modernist architecture and design. Issue 37: KINO explores the interaction between cinema and modernism. Guest-edited by Jason Wood, Creative Director of Film and Culture at Manchester’s HOME Cinema. 

    Wood elaborates: “I wanted to think of the role the moving image and the physical cinema space plays in our collective lives and consciousness. COVID-19 has been very hostile to art spaces, and there will be more casualties to add to the venues that haunt the landscape like ghosts, re-purposed to house other businesses and other activities. With this in mind, I wanted to commission pieces that served to remind us of the function that any artform plays, especially in a time of crisis.

    It is through arts and culture that we can come together to better understand and commune with each other, sometimes agreeing often disagreeing, but nonetheless being exposed to new aesthetics and perspectives that may help us build a better and more egalitarian society.

    Published by The Modernist
    66 pages
    140 x 270 mm
    ISSN 20462905