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It's Freezing in LA! Issue 8

    It's Freezing in LA! Issue 8


    This issue of It’s Freezing in LA! turns its attention to borders as they criss-cross the climate movement in their many forms. Hearing from people displaced by extreme weather, groups fighting for climate reparations and communities in the grip of multinational fossil fuel corporations. It’s Freezing in LA!  explores physical boundaries around contested spaces and resources, traces the efforts of companies and states to exert undue influence across legal perimeters and considers how mechanisms like reparations might rebalance unequal responsibility for environmental devastation across global lines. Climate action means tearing down old borders and finding ways to establish new boundaries with justice and regeneration in mind – the crisis we face demands nothing less.

        54 pages
        250 × 175 mm
        ISBN 9772517725011


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