Art Bookshop Ireland

Black Church Print Editions (26)

2, Mary O'Connor


Andesite, Derval Tubridy


As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life. Series 1, Louise Peat


Believed to be taken October of 1902, leaving Base Camp, Rebecca Gleeson


Brand New Shampoo, Ella Bertilsson


Carousel Mountain, Mary A. Fitzgerald


Driving 1#, Maureen Burke


Five past eight, Tracy Staunton


Glow, Margaret McLoughlin


In Between, Ann Kavanagh


In search of a Blanket Bog [i], Fiona McDonald


Landhuis, Janine Davidson


Magical Thinking, Mo Levy


Metamorphosis II, Muntsa Molina


Recycled Slots, Dorota Konchevska


Samhain, Siobhan Cox


Slice of Advice, Emily Mc Gardle


Spine, Tomasz Knapik


The Finding of the Thread, Eimhin Farrell


TIDE COMING UP, Linda Uhlemann


Time Waves, Jane Glynn


Trace III, Aoife Dwyer


Tracking, David McGinn


Western Shore, Gerhardt Gallagher


Without Words 11 – Looking Forward, Looking Back, Robert Kelly


yinYangWorld_Sun_Jul_24_2022_22_22_53, Nick Boon