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Architecture (18)

Ryan W. Kennihan – Dublin


Groundwork, Bianca Hester


A Special Area of ConVersation, Mary Conroy and Joanna Hopkins


Mono.Kultur Issue 48: Eyal. Weizman (Of) Forensic Architecture


Do You Read Me? Bookstores Around the World


Urban Images: Unruly Desires in Film and Architecture


Caring Culture Art, Architecture and the Politics of Public Health


Manifesto Architecture: The Ghost of Mies, Beatriz Colomina


Estonian Art: The Photography Issue


A Sense of Place


Twentieth Century Architecture, Dennis P. Doordan


Rethinking Density: Art, Culture, and Urban Practices


A Clinic for the Exhausted, Michael Spooner


Performing Matter, Julieanna Preston


Architectural Aesthetic Speculations, Michael Jasper


A Ficto-Historical Theory of the London Underground, Marko Jobst


The Incidents: Architectural Ethnography


Architecture After Revolution